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Casa Cornacchi is a cozy estate located in the heart of Tuscany. For twenty years, we have been committed to offering our guests a unique and unforgettable stay, with a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.


Casa Cornacchi is an historic residence situated in the picturesque Val D'Ambra, in the Tuscan countryside near Siena. Its history begins with the Court of the Captains of the Guelf Party, and its original construction dates back to the late 1500s when it served as a lookout tower to protect the nearby Montebenichi Castle. In 1529, it became the property of the Guelf Captain Giorgio Cornacchia and was subsequently transformed into a farmhouse.

In 2009, a meticulous restoration of the entire building was completed by the Massini brothers, with the aim of preserving the traditional features of Tuscan rural architecture. The villas have been carefully restored, and the surrounding environment has been revitalized, including the planting of approximately 1000 olive trees. Today, Casa Cornacchi is a luxurious country residence that offers an authentic and refined experience.

The Estate is located in a breathtaking landscape and boasts a rich culinary tradition. Our restaurant offers daily typical and genuine dishes, providing an excellent culinary experience. Authenticity, cultural heritage, classical architecture, and ancient history are just some of the elements that make Casa Cornacchi the perfect destination for many private events.


If there is an idea of Tuscany that compels travelers to cross continents to visit it, it is certainly found in the triangle formed by Florence, Siena and Arezzo. These three cities represent the very essence of Tuscany and surround a territory that transforms a simple tourist visit into an exciting journey, rich in pleasant detours through nature, history, and culture. Casa Cornacchi is located right in the center of this triangle, offering an ideal starting point to explore the wonders of this unique region.


An enchanting place immersed in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Here, every guest is welcomed with warmth and care, like a part of the family. The refined rooms and breathtaking views capture the soul.


Immersed in the gentle hills of Tuscany, your wedding dreams come to life. From romantic outdoor ceremonies to elegant receptions in our dining hall, every detail is organized with love.


The cuisine of Casa Cornacchi is a true celebration of Tuscan flavors. Our chefs carefully select fresh and high-quality ingredients to create authentic delicacies. From classic regional recipes to innovative dishes, every bite is a journey in taste.


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Casa Cornacchi
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