Cooking school

Cooking school at Casa Cornacchi - Tuscany

Cooking School

Since the opening of Casa Cornacchi many guests and travel agents were asking to organise cooking classes with the recipes used by our cook. With the years we developed a variety of proposals ranging from an informal class of one half day to a week long cooking course. Classes are organised locally and arranged upon request only. The classes depend on the availability of the chef(s) and the premises. Typically a class last three hours (4pm to 7 pm) and it's followed by the dinner where you enjoy the fruit of your work. We privilege the use of organic ingredients produced in our farm.

Rates for 2016

A cooking class (with minimum 2 participants) cost 95 euro per person. Cooking class with minimum 4 participants costs 70 euro per person. The price includes the lessons, the products and ingredients and the dinner in our restaurant. Friends/family can join you just for the dinner paying 35 euro per person. If you are four or more participants or apply for more than one class you benefit of reduced rates. Ask us for more information about this! The cooking class are open to Casa Cornacchi guests but non residents may join the course (only depending on availability). Wine is not included. We offer a selection of local wine but you can bring your own (with no charge). Cooking classes are generally not available on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Fridays between July and August. Week long cooking courses (for up to 30 participants) are usually organised by specialised agencies that organise package tour in the United States and Europe, if you are interested in joining or organising a group we can provide full contact of those agencies.

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