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We are thoroughly concerned about the world epidemic and totally understand your worries of about the forthcoming travel to Italy and about the organization of an important event in your life as your wedding. In order to inform our guests about the real situation we answered to the most common questions we receive in these days. 
We will constantly review the situation particularly with regard to events that are booked in Spring 2020. Check this page for regular updates.

What is the current situation in Italy?

Out of precaution, the whole of Italy has now been placed under effective lockdown as the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus increased. The Italian government approved drastic measures from Tuesday March 10th.
On Wednesday March 11th Italy announced new restrictions on the whole of the country. Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Wednesday that Italy would shut all stores except for pharmacies and food shops to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The effective lockdown means tight travel restrictions for 60 million people in Italy, and some neighbouring countries have also stepped up travel restrictions at borders.

The latest measure from the Italian government came on Saturday March 21st when PM Mr Conte announced that all non-essential factories in the country would close.
The focus of the outbreak is still the northern region of Lombardy, where some 66 percent of the coronavirus-linked deaths have occurred and around 52 percent of all cases.
After aggressive testing and quarantine efforts, Italy’s outbreak of COVID-19 appears to be leveling off. According to the latest statistics the quarantine measures applied earlier to the northern cities have proven effective with a steady reduction of infections (four days in a row as of March 25nd).
The chart below sow the percentage of tests performed positives in Italy as to 27 March. An important and positive demonstration of epidemic trends after the containment measures:

Source: (https://www.facebook.com/DatiAnalisiCoronavirus accredited data science page quoted by press and institutional communication)

The quarantine measures are still in force UNTIL FRIDAY APRIL 3rd. On Thursday March 19th the italian government announced the current lockdown would be extended beyond the initial deadline of April 3rd but did not give a new date, saying it would be announced "in the next few days". Most likely it will be extended for two more weeks (until April 18th).

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that the whole of the country would be under effective lockdown, meaning tight travel restrictions for 60 million people. Italians are in theory now not allowed to travel unless for work or for emergency reasons such as health problems. Measures include banning all public gatherings and stopping travel other than for work and emergencies.
"Today is our moment of responsibility. We cannot let our guard down," Prime Minister said. "Everyone must give up something to protect the health of citizens." People in Italy are advised to stay at home as much as possible. People, including foreign nationals will be allowed to return home to their region or country.

The British government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office is now advising against all but essential travel to Italy. Austria and Slovenia have imposed border restrictions with Italy, as has Switzerland, and Spain announced on Tuesday that all direct flights from Italy to the country will be suspended. Several other countries are also encouraging citizens to postpone travel to northern Italy,

What’s the current situation in Tuscany?

There are no contagion hotspots in Tuscany and there are 2600 cases in total reported as March 24th . All the patients have been isolated according to procedure. However as we must implement the national measures limiting travels and gatherings, it is recommended to reconsider your travel plans UNTIL APRIL 3rd.

To comply with the government ordinance we must cancel all Casa Cornacchi commitments (site visits, complimentary stays, food tastings and hotel activity) until April 3rd.

Thank god, we are all good and healthy and no one we know has been involved or affected. We just stay at home (luckily surrounded by plenty of countryside).

Should I cancel a trip?

At the moment there is no reason to cancel your holiday if planned after April 3rd.
So far the WHO did not recommend any travel or trade restrictions based on the current information available. ( https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/travel-advice )

What’s shall I do about my reservation at Casa Cornacchi?

As the situation unfold quickly and with encouraging result (fall of China epidemic and containment in the other affected countries) and being most of the event scheduled from late April onward, we strongly recommend to wait UNTIL APRIL 3RD before considering any change or cancellation. Chances are that well before the beginning of the season the global situation will be under control.

After listening to and taking advice from specialists we decided that the safest and best option is to postpone all weddings and events at Casa Cornacchi that are due to be held until May 23rd.

What happens if i must cancel or postpone my wedding because of force majeure?

Once again, we suggest to keep calm and wait the developments of the situation before taking any decision driven by anxiety and stress.

For the time being we adopt the following position:
According to our legal consultants, a force majeure clause apply when circumstances beyond the parties’ control can render contractual performance too difficult or even impossible to perform. The non-performing party seeking to avoid its contractual obligation must demonstrate the existence of a force majeure event taking place at the moment of the performance and that the party was unable to fulfill its contractual obligation despite reasonable efforts to do so.
It is indubitable that there is a force majeure event (national restrictions and international transport disruptions) occurring now but all measures are due to be suspended /reassessed after April 3rd.
In other words we are recommended to apply the clause of force majeure when circumstances beyond the parties’ control are still valid at the time the performance is due.
If you are not wishing to wait until the next assessment due after April 3rd, we can offer two solutions:
A) To reschedule the event at the same or more favorable conditions either this year or in 2021. There may be more openings this year as well as some other couples are considering moving the event to 2021 (although nothing is confirmed as yet). In case of a new reservation we will consider the same terms, conditions (including the cancellation policy) and rates as stated in the original rental agreement. Similarly for food and beverage costs will apply the same prices and conditions as stated at the time of the signature of the contract.
B) Cancel the event. In this case we will not require additional payments as per our contract. We would need an formal letter confirming the cancellation and we can issue a letter for your insurance company in case you wish to claim a refund or cover any loss.

How can I stay updated as the situation develops?

Tuscany Region has activated a special section on its website where you can find all information and updates, from health ordinances to logistical changes:



Worst case, when I’m in Tuscany, who can I contact in case of emergency?

In Tuscany you can get in contact with the health agencies by calling 1500, 24/7 public freephone number set up by the Ministry of Health. Please use correct information on Covid-19: the region has made a freephone number available to citizens at the regional helplines, which will be answered by highly informed operators. The service is designed to provide clarification and advice about the measures and initiatives taken by the Tuscany Region on Coronavirus. The freephone number that you can call is (+39)800556060, option 1, open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

everything will be ok in the end



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