• Casa Cornacchi Country House
  • Casa Cornacchi Country House
  • Casa Cornacchi Country House
  • Casa Cornacchi Country House
  • Casa Cornacchi Country House

What is Casa Cornacchi?

Casa Cornacchi is a Tuscan country house located within a unique combination of picture-perfect landscape of golden, rolling hills, winding country roads lined with cypress trees and lush, hearty food, friendly people and a rich cultural legacy of Renaissance art, classical architecture and ancient history. Many returning guests testify the success of this property which opened in 2003 after a long restauration. Better than many words, just watch the slide show above or the emotional video below

Why choosing Casa Cornacchi resort?

Looking for an accommodation is Tuscany could be a tough and frustrating task. So many properties, all offering the best conditions, location etc. we know it's hard to decide. Well, you should consider Casa Cornacchi if:

  • you wish to explore the Southern Tuscany, the region including Chianti, Arezzo and Siena province
  • you look for the flexibility of a self contained accommodation and the facilities of an hotel look for a good value, a high standard at reasonable prices
  • you need a trusty and safe place visited by thousands of guests who positively reported it. Read more details on this page: http://www.cornacchi.com/glance.html

Where in Tuscany?

Do you know where the quintessential, the real Tuscany lies? Well, if there is an idea of Tuscany that motivates most travellers to cross the oceans or mountain ranges, it would probably be within the triangle of land which represents Tuscany at its most: Florence, Siena and Arezzo. Those three cities circle a world that changes a tourist visit into a passionate journey full of pleasant detours in which nature, history and culture are always waved into each other. The resort of Casa Cornacchi lays just in the middle of this triangle. 

Emotional Video Casa Cornacchi 2015 

Casa Cornacchi

Quick contacts

Tel. +39 055 998229
Fax: +39 055 9983863
Cell: +39 3409930319
Skype: cornacchi

EMAIL: info@cornacchi.com
EMAIL2: cornacchi@gmail.com


Casa Cornacchi proved to be the perfect venue for small wedding parties and family reunions ...

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Cooking school

Casa Cornacchi cooking school specializes in regional favorite recipes featuring experienced local chefs...

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Our restaurant

Casa Cornacchi has a small restaurant located in the main building next to the old tower. As we propose only...

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